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🎙DeFi by Design EP 104: The Rise of ETH Liquid Staking w/ Daniel from Swell Network
🎙DeFi by Design EP 104: The Rise of ETH Liquid Staking w/ Daniel from Swell Network
It is 336 days since the Merge. So, how's it going?

It is 336 days since the Merge. So, how's it going?

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GM High Rollers:

Well, ETH is alive and deflationary. 922,267 ETH burned and 617,739 ETH issued since the Merge. Over 300,000 ETH taken out of circulation and we are just getting started. Not to mention, gas prices are low and the network is secure. So, yeah devs are up to something.

Over at Swell Network, the Liquid Staking Protocol has hit $80m in TVL and closing in 50,000 ETH staked. Unlike other liquid staking protocols, (ahem, Lido), Swell is decentralized. The Swell community is currently on a voyage, and its time to start collecting pearls. This community quest series is your treasure map to the $SWELL airdrop.

Our podcast with Daniel unpacks multiple concepts in LSDFi. We speak about the concept of restaking ETH for rollup security, derisk since Ethereum's Chapella upgrade, and stay tuned to the very end to hear Daniel's choice for his ideal crypto chat.

Watch the full episode to learn about Ethereum LSD from first-principles and the voyage on Swell Network.

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🎙DeFi by Design EP 104: The Rise of ETH Liquid Staking w/ Daniel from Swell Network

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The Rollup

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