The Rollup
The Rollup
🎙DeFi by Design EP 106: Exploring the SportsFi Vertical

🎙DeFi by Design EP 106: Exploring the SportsFi Vertical

Introducing Thales Market, a Sports + DeFi focused protocol

Introducing Thales Market, a Sports + DeFi focused protocol

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The First NFL game is available to trade on OvertimeSports market AMM built on Thalesmarket – $THALES. Try it 👉🏽 HERE!

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GM High Rollers:

If you're a Sports + DeFi chad you need to know about this SNX affiliate and how you can take advantage of it 👀

Overtime Markets, maintained by Thales, is a binary options market protocol that does more than lose you money. Built using DeFi principles, you can take a position on all thing sports.

We're bullish on SportsFi.

In this video, you'll learn more about Overtime markets got its origins in SXN discord, and how founder Danijel broke out with his own ideas and contributions to the DeFi movement.

Enjoy this listen High Rollers, and stay active!


The Rollup

🎙DeFi by Design EP 106: Exploring the SportsFi Vertical

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