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🎙 DeFi by Design EP83: Proof-of-Stake Network Design w Tenderize
🎙 DeFi by Design EP83: Proof-of-Stake Network Design w Tenderize
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GM. good merge indeed.

The historic transition to Proof-of-Stake is complete with relatively zero issues. ICYMI we'll give you the rundown. Once hashing power on the Proof-of-Work chain brought mining difficulty to the TTD, total terminal difficulty, it was the end of an era. Reaching TTD triggered the merge of Ethereum's beacon chain into the running chain and began the Proof-of-Stake on Ethereum as beacon chain validators began to provide attestations of the current state. Within the first 8 minutes from the merge, over 100ETH was burned. Block rewards dropped from 2.5ETH to under 0.1ETH per block. And, Ethereum reduced global energy consumption by 0.2% solely as a result of the merge. Truly a remarkable event.

In today's video, we look towards the future. dxDAO joins us to chat about post-merge implications, the state of digital nomads, decentralized power structures, and how Ethereum could capitalize on an inter-planetary economy. This video is great insights for newbs, plebs, degens, and OGs.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


🎙 DeFi by Design EP83: Proof-of-Stake Network Design w Tenderize

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One of Ethereum’s Leading L2s Boba Network closed a massive Series A funding deal to increase their team & grow their ecosystem with hackathons and more, click the image to learn more about how to get involved!

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The Rollup

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