The Rollup
The Rollup
🎙DeFi by Design Episode 101: How LayerZero Plans To Takeover The Digital World with Bryan Pellegrino

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 101: How LayerZero Plans To Takeover The Digital World with Bryan Pellegrino

Exclusive Dive Into Building trestles, Permission less, & Censorship Resistance Tech!

Explore a Vision of Decentralized Landscape & More!

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Rollup Nation:

Imagine if there was a technology stack that could underpin everything from decentralized finance to social media networks, instant messaging, and more.


Imagine if the team had raised $120M and practically has “infinite runway” according to the CEO.Then, picture the project has the highest volume of cross-chain messaging in all of DeFi currently.

And finally, the team has made strategic design decisions strictly focused on the ethos of building trestles, permission less, censorship resistance tech!

Introducing: Bryan Pellegrino, CEO of LayerZero labs who schooled Rob and I on:

⁃ Building a massive vision of scalable tech
⁃ Trying to create the infrastructure for billions of users across vast use cases
⁃ Disrupting many ‘intermediaries’ and making a profit while doing so
⁃ Expanding the crypto ecosystem one step at a time

I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this one fam. Much love.



🎙DeFi by Design Episode 101: How LayerZero Plans To Takeover The Digital World with Bryan Pellegrino

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The Rollup Report 📰📊📈

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