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🎙DeFi by Design Episode 92: Scaling blockchains for the next mass adoption wave w Eclipse
🎙DeFi by Design Episode 92: Scaling blockchains for the next mass adoption wave w Eclipse

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As the Blockchain landscape looks to scale for greater magnitude of throughput, the rollup ecosystem is taking DeFi by storm. Rollups can be built from a few different core technologies: ZK, optimistic, proofs, or two examples.

In this podcast, we talk to Neel Somani, founder of Eclipse, who is approaching the rollup scalability problem, a bit differently than other existing rollup solutions.

Eclipse takes a modular approach where blockchains are separated into the consensus, execution, data availability, and settlement components. We breakdown how each of these components make up a Blockchain transaction, and how eclipse is dividing these components to conquer scalability.

Listen to this episode to learn more about scaling blockchains for the next wave of mass adoption.



🎙DeFi by Design Episode 92: Scaling blockchains for the next mass adoption wave w Eclipse

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The Rollup

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