Sitemap - 2020 - The Rollup

🎙DeFi By Design Special Episode: Perfecting Token Distributions w/

What Happened in DeFi This Week?

Full Send Friday: NEW Wallet

🎙DeFi By Design EP #19: Bringing Billions of Funds Onboard DeFi w/ Enzyme Finance

Master It Monday: Using Backstop Protocol to Increase Yield on MakerDAO Vaults

Wild Weekend Pump: Here's The Quick 'n Dirty

🎙DeFi By Design EP #18: Unleashing Leveraged Yield Farming with Alpha Finance

Tap In Tuesday: Aave v2 AMA (New Aave Swag & ETH Giveaway!!!)

Master It Monday: How to mint synths & earn weekly rewards using Synthetix Mintr

DeversiFi Beehive 1.0 Breakdown (200%+ APYs + Trading Multipliers)

Full Send Friday: Yearn Takeover, Mainstream Awareness, and Sponsor Updates

🎙DeFi By Design EP #17: Securing Billions With Nexus Mutual Cover

🎙DeFi By Design EP #16: Ushering In A New Era Of Decentralized Fund Managers

Wiretap Wednesday: Fixed Rate Lending in DeFi

🎙DeFi By Design EP #15: The Future; Open On-Chain Data Analytics

Wiretap Wednesday: Bridging The Gap While Taking DeFi Mainstream

Tap In Tuesday: Behind The Scenes At Argent

Full Send Friday: WILD Week In Review 11/13

Warmth in the DeFi Winter? Full Market Overview

Wiretap Wednesday: Going Risk-On using DeFi Tools

Master It Monday: Hedging & Protecting Your Downside Using DeFi Tools

BREAKING: ETH 2.0 Launch 🚀

🎙DeFi By Design EP #14: Building Web 3 & Mobile Friendly DeFi

Full Send Friday: Week In Review 10/30

Wiretap Wednesday: Onboarding Retail w/ Ramp Network

Tap In Tuesday: Multiply Your Yield Farming w/ Launch

Master It Monday: How to maximize profits in the upcoming bull run

Full Send Friday: Week In Review

🎙DeFi By Design EP #13: The Inevitable Rise of Anonymous Developers

Wiretap Wednesday: LIEN Explained

Master It Monday: How to utilize Balancer pools to earn yield on your DeFi assets

🎙DeFi By Design EP #12: The Institutional Wave with Qiao Wang

[FREE] DeFi Slate Guide To Becoming A DeFi Power User

🎙DeFi By Design EP#11: DeFi As An Evolution of Bitcoin with Antonio Gomes

Master It Monday: How to avoid scams & account drains by canceling infinite approvals

Full Send Friday: Week In Review

Wiretap Wednesday: Alpha Homora Leveraged Yield Farming (NEW)

Tap In Tuesday: Using Baller Netlify App to calculate impermanent loss

Full Send Friday: Week in Review

DeFi By Design EP #10: L2 DEX Scaling With DeversiFi

Wiretap Wednesday: TheEther AMA

Tap In Tuesday: DeversiFi, Starkware, & L1 vs. L2 scaling solutions

Master It Monday: Using Aave to leverage your assets & earn interest

Full Send Friday: Week In Review

🎙DeFi by Design EP. #9: Community, Governance, & Sustainability

Tap In Tuesday: NFTs Explained

Master It Monday: Using Dune Analytics to identify trends

🎙DeFi By Design EP #8: L2 Scaling & zkRollups

Wiretap Wednesday: The Genesis of Fair Launches With $YFI

🎙DeFi By Design EP #7: Interoperability and Cross-Chain Future with REN Protocol

Master It Monday: Farming $FARM on Harvest Finance

Wiretap Wednesday: How to turn your BTC into a productive asset

Tap In Tuesday: Akropolis 101

Master It Monday: Becoming a Uniswap Liquidity Provider (LP)

Free Game Friday: A comparison of key derivatives protocols in DeFi

🎙DeFi By Design EP #6: The Future of Derivatives Trading

Wiretap Wednesday: Farming $SUSHI Like A Chad Degen

DeFi Slate x Nate Hindman: AMMs & Bancor V2

🎙DeFi By Design EP #5: Making DeFi Mainstream With Zerion

Tap In Tuesday: MCDEX Explained

Master It Monday: All-In-One Yield Farming Interface

DeFi By Design EP #4: Building The Future of DeFi Together w/ Aave

DeFi Slate x Jeff Jihoz: Web 3.0 Gaming Axie Infinity

DeFi Slate x Nick Fett: Oracles, Tellor, and the Future of DeFi

Green Eggs And $YAM

DeFi By Design EP #3: DeFiner x DeFi 2020

Fresh Take Monday: yVaults & $YFI

Starters Set #2: What are wallets?

DeFi & Crypto Glossary

DeFi By Design EP. 2: DAI Deep Dive

Starters Set #1: What is Ethereum?

DAI: The Future Of Savings?

DeFi By Design EP. 1: Introductions & DeFi Now

Uniswap: The Unicorn Crypto Exchange

3 Ways To Earn Passive Income With DeFi

All things DeFi!