Sitemap - 2021 - The Rollup

LisCon convos: Ramp Network

How PrimeDAO is scaling DAO Cooperation in Web 3

Gas-less Layer 2 Orderbook Trading Explained

Solving the fragmented liquidity problem with Concave’s big spoon method

Get An Interest-Free, Multichain Loan in DeFi with QiDAO

Why Phantom is Winning the Wallet Wars on Solana: Interview with Brandon Millman

DeFi + NFTs Update, Layer 2 Is Coming Fast, Crab Market Vibes

zkSync Layer 2 Bridge & Airdrop Demo

DCentral Miami: Discovering Pangolin V2

Why Tranchess? Solid, Sustainable Yield on ETH & BTC

🎙DeFi By Design EP #57: Decongesting Ethereum through DeversiFi

Everything You Need To Know About DCentral & ArtBasel Miami (Nov 30th-Dec 6th)

The Best Yield Farming on Avalanche #JoeRush

🎙DeFi By Design EP #56: New Era of Money Markets in DeFi

Gamified Prediction Markets on EntropyFi!

Lock in 11.8% Interest with No Risk on Notional Finance

zkEVM & Scaling Ethereum LisCon Q&A

🎙DeFi By Design EP #55: Automated Risk Management w DeFi Saver

New Avalanche Projects and Ecosystem Overview

Explaining Cosmos DeFi Ecosystem For Crypto Natives

🎙DeFi By Design EP #54: Strong Vibes on Web 3 with Taylor Welch

LisCon Convos: Evolving Governance Dashboards with Adrian Ricardo from Tally DAO!

Working with Token Economies: From Tokenizing Cows to 3D Design Files with CORELEDGER TEOS

LisCon Convos: Next Generation Yield Farming with Razvan Gabriel of Pods Finance

Recapping The LisCon Experience Firsthand With Us

High Yields, Fast throughput, Solid Liquidity: Overview of the top DeFi Ecosystem Fantom

LisCon Convos: 1inch Explained w/ Co-Founder Sergej Kunz

The Evolution of Automated Market Makers and How They are Disrupting Traditional Finance

Bridging CEX Volumes with AMMs Efficiencies: CoinFLEX Intro

Earn 200% APY Farming On SushiSwap (CELO Bridge Tutorial)

How to Use DeGate L1-L2 Arbitrum Bridge (With Stats & Overview)

GameFi Meets DeFi: DeFi Kingdoms Experience

🎙DeFi By Design EP #53: Beyond the DeFi Horizon

Unpacking Perpetual Protocol v2

Feel the Rush w Avalanche Liquidity Incentives

🎙DeFi By Design EP #52: Discovering NFT Gems w Deeze

How To Bridge to The Harmony Ecosystem To Earn Early Incentives

How To Maximize Your AAVE & Curve Incentives During Avalanche Rush!

🎙DeFi By Design EP #51: Coordinating the Metaverse

Wiretap Wednesday: Zk Scaling w Hermez Network

The Institutional Wave: What is AAVE ARC?

🎙DeFi By Design EP #50: What is Cosmos?

BEST Yield Farming Opportunity on Fantom!?!? (Multiple 100%+ APYs)

Tap in Tuesday: Arbitrum Demo w DeGate Bridge

Master it Monday: Fixed Yield w/ 88mph

🎙DeFi By Design EP #49: The Next Wave of Web 3 and DeFi: Privacy

Wiretap Wednesday: Discover Yield Farming on Fantom

Tap in Tuesday: Solana Farming Tutorial w Step Finance

[Demo] Pangolin DEX - Staking, Swapping, and Farming on Avalanche

DeFi Savings: Good Ghosting

🎙DeFi By Design EP #48: DeFi for Everyone w Avalanche Rush

Wiretap Wednesday: Frax Finance AMA

Tap in Tuesday: Launchpad Staking on Avalaunch

🎙DeFi By Design EP #47: Earn Interest On Your Bitcoin w Badger

Fantom Bridge Tutorial & Yield Farming Guide (500%+ APYs)

Tap in Tuesday: Babylon AMA

[Demo] What is the Umbria Narni Bridge?

Finding Early Stage Price Discovery Opportunities w/ PrePO

DeFi Summer 2.0: Avalanche Rush Liquidity Mining on BENQI

Tap in Tuesday: ZK-Rollup Layer 2 Hermez AMA

[URGENT] Navigating Avalanche Rush Yield Farming Using Avax Bridge

Welcoming Initial Loan Offerings to DeFi with Definer

🎙DeFi By Design EP #46: Rolling Out Layer 2 with Deversifi

Scaling the Multi-Chain World: Polygon AMA

Boosting Savings with C.R.E.A.M. Finance

🎙DeFi By Design EP #45: Paving the New World Way With DeFi Masterclass

Understanding DeFi Metrics w/ DeFi Llama

Generating Value in DeFi w bloxRoute Part 2

🎙DeFi By Design EP #44: Exploring the Metaverse with Charged Particles

Tap in Tuesday: Interconnected Blockchains w/ Komodo

Layer 3 DEX w Ricky Shi from DeGate

Generating Value in DeFi w bloXroute Part 1

🎙DeFi By Design EP #43: The Next DeFi Boom: JavaScript Development with Agoric

Accessing the Multichain World on Mobile with Pillar

Tap in Tuesday: dHEDGE V2 AMA

The Other Side of Up Only w Beta Finance

🎙DeFi By Design EP #42: Oh! Finance! The Lightbulb Moment in DeFi

Master it Monday: Bridging the Multi-Chain Colonies w/ Umbria Network

🎙DeFi By Design EP #41: Merging Centralized and Decentralized Liquidity w/ CCAI

NFT Spotlight: Bored Ape Yacht Club

Tap in Tuesday: Rethinking the Synthetic Token Approach w/ Synfutures

EIP1559: Ethereum Becomes a Deflationary Asset

🎙DeFi By Design EP #40: Uniting Content Creators in DeFi w Kris Kay

Tap In Tuesday: Driving Layer 2 Adoption w/ DeGate Bridge

🎙DeFi By Design EP #39: The Power of DeFi in Unbanked Countries w/ Akin Sawyer

Wiretap Wednesday: Bridging Layer 2 Chains for DeFi Summer 2.0 w/ DeGate

Master it Monday: A Framework for Valuing DeFi Protocols

🎙DeFi By Design EP #38: Bringing the Trillion Dollar Derivatives Market to Ethereum

Institutional Grade Yield Farming w/ dHEDGE & mStable

Tap In Tuesday: Layer 2 Sleeper Leading the Zk-Rollup Race

Getting in at the ground floor with Alpha Launchpad

🎙DeFi By Design EP #37: Community Investing for Passive Crypto Enthusiasts

Part 2: Layer 2 Scaling on Ethereum

Master it Monday: Bringing DeFi to Bitcoin & Other Chains

🎙DeFi By Design EP #36: Spotting Signals in the DeFi Ecosystem

Introduction: Layer 2 Scaling on Ethereum

Manage Risk in DeFi using AAVE

🎙DeFi By Design EP #35: The Bullish DeFi Thesis with George Harrap

DeFi for Dummies: Turn ETH into a Productive Asset with SharedStake

🎙DeFi By Design EP #34: How Argent Mobile Wallet Will 10x User Growth

Understanding How To Properly Use DEXs in DeFi To Gain An Edge

Master It Monday: How to Optimize Your Security In DeFi

Bringing DeFi to the Masses In 2021 using L2 DeversiFi

How to Start Lending & Borrowing in DeFi Today

🎙DeFi By Design EP #33: Explaining Yield Farming Aggregators

RECAP: Alpha Homora V2 Relaunch Exceeds $1B in TVL In 1 Day

Yield Farming Demo: 5x Derivative Tokens on CompliFi

Tap In Tuesday: One of the best ways to earn passive yield for holding $ETH

🎙DeFi By Design EP #32: STOP PAYING GAS: Feeless L2 Swaps w/ DeGate

ALPHA LEAK: CompliFi Farming Launch

Exploring Solana Yield Farming w/ Step Finance Co-Founder George Harrap

Weekly Recap & Sponsorship Update (Alpha Leaks)

🎙DeFi By Design EP #31: Solving the Ethereum Scaling Crisis in 2021

AAVE TVL BREACHES $10B: Does TVL really matter?

🎙DeFi By Design EP #30: Building Flexible Distributions & Incentives with GYSR V2

🎙DeFi By Design EP #29: Is POKT The Missing Piece of Web3.0?

HUGE DAY: How to Participate in DeFi Slate Community Giveaway & Launch

Zero To Hero Ep #5: What are NFT’s?

🎙DeFi By Design EP #28: Creating Stable Yield on Composable Assets w James Simpson

dHEDGE Pools: Community Investing through Decentralized Asset Management

How To Earn Fixed Interest Rates in DeFi Today

🎙DeFi By Design EP #27: Building the DeFi Safety Net w/ Hugh Karp founder, Nexus Mutual

🎙DeFi By Design EP #26: What You Need To Know About Scaling Ethereum L2

Zero To Hero Ep #4: What are Tokenomics?

A young mans journey west towards the DeFi Gold Rush

DEMO: How you can own a piece of the Ethereum Ecosystem (ENS)

Hedging and Risk Management Strategies with DeFi Options

Zero To Hero Ep #3: Exploring Stablecoins & Generating Yield

Wiretap Wednesday: Decentralized Perp Trading Challenge ($32K in 3hrs testnet)

Tap in Tuesday: The Ultimate Guide to Sports Betting on Ethereum

Master It Monday: How To Spot Wildly Profitable Trends in DeFi & NFTs

🎙DeFi By Design EP #25: Building Your Investing Edge

Tap in Tuesday: Decentralized Option Markets w Premia Finance

🎙DeFi By Design Character Series: NFTs, Alpha Searching, & Community Narratives w/ Hardwood

NFTs & DeFi: Aave Founder & DeFi OG Stani Kuchelov Explains

Wiretap Wednesday: Intro To Frontier Mobile

Tap In Tuesday: The Best Multisig Wallet In DeFi

🎙DeFi By Design EP #24: Bringing DeFi To The Real World

Zero To Hero DeFi Ep #2: What is Yield Farming?

Master It Monday: Huge Upgrade RenBridge v2 AMA

🎙DeFi By Design EP #23: The History Of Money

Wiretap Wednesday: BEST Yield Farming Opportunity In DeFi 2021!?!?

Tap In Tuesday: Best Multisig in DeFi, Gnosis Safe AMA

Master It Monday: Wallet Security & Privacy

What’s the deal with Dogecoin?

🎙DeFi By Design EP #22: Web 3 Data Economy

Wiretap Wednesday: Leveraged Yield Farming Alpha Homora v2

Tap in Tuesday: Exploring fixed rate lending in DeFi w/ 88mph

Master it Monday: Stablecoins and the Inflation Hedge with Ramifi Protocol

🎙DeFi By Design EP #21: Insuring DeFi 101

Zero To Hero DeFi: Ep #1 Building the Foundations & Exploring Uniswap

What's next for decentralized derivatives? MCDEX v3 AMA

Tap In Tuesday: The great reshuffling of the top 25 crypto tokens in 2021

NEW: Unslashed Finance Coverage Protocol Launch

$0->$3B in less than a year: Looking Ahead with Aave in 2021 ft. lead dev Marc Zeller

Wiretap Wednesday: Purchasing Power of the USD vs. Commodities

🎙DeFi By Design EP #20: 2021, The Year Of The Stablecoin?