Sitemap - 2022 - The Rollup

πŸŽ™DeFi by Design Episode 92: Scaling blockchains for the next mass adoption wave w Eclipse

πŸŽ™DeFi by Design Episode 91: How Pudgy Penguins Is Climbing The Ranks Of Blue Chip NFTs

πŸŽ™DeFi by Design Episode 90: The Future of GameFi

DeFi by Design Episode 89: DeFi Safety & Security w/Revoke Cash

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP88: DeFi not CeFi w Sushi Head Chef Jared Grey

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP87: A New Method of On-Chain Profitability: Blockbuilding and MEV on ETH 2.0

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP86: Why Sharding Is Undoubtedly The Future of Scaling Blockchains with Shardeum

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP85: The Key to Web3 Mass Adoption w/ Mysten Labs

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP84: Hyper-Liquid Applications w Sandcloc

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP83: Proof-of-Stake Network Design w Tenderize

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP82: DXDAO Podcast - Global Decentralization and Social Defense

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP81: A Deep Dive into Blockchain Node Structures w Chainstack

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP80: Liquid Staking Strategies & ETH Merge W ANKR

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP79: StarkNet Explained: JediSwap AMM

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP78: The DeFi Experience w Brew Money

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP77: On-Chain Networking for the Ethereum Naetion

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP76: The Evolution Of Money Markets w 0vix

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP75: The On-Chain Era Of Sports Finance w Athlete X

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP74: Creating Resilent DeFi Mechanisms w Sperax

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP73: Cross-Chain Infrastructure w Router Protocol

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP72: Building a Token Warchest w Dave Levine

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP71: FRAX Stablecoin Strategy Debunked

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP70: veTokenomics, DeFi Revival, & Sustainability with Balancer DAO

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP69: Leading The Ethereum Scaling Race with Arbitrum

Embracing Neurodiversity in Web3 w/ ARTXV

Mobile First Wallets Pave NFTs and DeFi for Mass Adoption w Minke

This Layer 2 combines the best of Web2 and Web3- Boba Network

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP68: The Future of Tickets and Events, Web3 style w token events

Automated DeFi and Staking Solutions w DeFi Saver

Cross-Chain Tools for Bootstrapping Community Growth w Biconomy

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP67: Multichain Yield Optimization with Beefy Finance

Pricing Real World Assets with Web 3 Oracles

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP66: Global Reserve Currencies and Smart-Contracts in Politics w Greg Tanaka

Explaining the Web3 Foundational Layer w The Graph Protocol

[ETH Denver Exclusive] Greasing the Multichain w POKT

Taking the NFT Crown: Immutable X Platform Overview

[ETH Denver Exclusive] MEV Protection w CowSwap

[ETH Denver Exclusive] Smart Contract Notifications w

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP65: Building on Layer 2 in 2022 w Metis

[ETH Denver Exclusive] Code as law, Game theory as law enforcement w Hart from UMA

[ETH Denver Exclusive] Institutional DeFi Activity w Maple Finance

Payroll Solutions for DAOs w Parcel Money

πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP64: GameFi Liquidity & Scalability w Pangolin

12 Chains, High Yields, Impermenant Loss Protection w/ Elk Finance

DeFi by Design EP63: Cross-Chain Swaps Made Easy w Li Finance

Cross-Chain Applications on Cosmos via IBC Transfer

DeFi by Design EP62: Interest Rate Environment Impacts on DeFi w Notional Finance

Monetize Your Data & Identity w Swapp

Syscoin Ecosystem Update: Pegasys DEX Launch

DeFi by Design EP61: InsurAce As A Core Building Block To DeFi

MultiChain Ecosystems Post-ETH2.0 w Pranay

2022 The Year of The DAO w/DxDAO

DeFi by Design EP60: Onboarding Your Grandma Into DeFi with GOGOCoin

Solana Ecosystem Growth In 2022 w/ Step Finance

Cosmos Ecosystem 2022 Breakthrough Year

Lock in Double-Digit APY as a DeFi Beginner

DeFi by Design EP59: Building Sustainable Yields in DeFi w Impermanent Loss Protection

L2 NFTs Are About to Explode: Here's What You Need To Know

MetisDAO L2 Summer Incoming: Yield Farming & Airdrops Guide

DeFi by Design EP58: Exploring Zk-Rollups & Modular Blockchains w Syscoin

Discovering Inter-Blockchain Communication w Cosmos Ecosystem

NEAR Ecosystem Bridge & Yield Farming Guide