Sitemap - 2023 - The Rollup

DeFi By Design EP117: Why Data Availability Is The Missing Piece To The Modular Blockchain Scaling Puzzle

DeFi by Design EP #116: The Resurgence of Cosmos with Sunny Agarwal, Founder of Osmosis

DeFi By Design EP 115: Permissionless Interop For The Modular Future with Hyperlane

DeFi by Design EP 114: DeFi Dark Horse Curvance Unpacked

Devconnect Convos: Security Mechanisms & Cryptography with OG Web3Auth Founder Zhen Yu Yong

Devconnect Convos: Stay Early to Onchain Trends with Flipside's Data Analysis Tech

Devconnecy Convos: Testnets Reimagined with Tenderly

DeFi by Design EP 113: Integrating Web3 Finance Data into Google Cloud's BigQuery w/ Injective

DeFi by Design EP 112: Improving the Checkered Cross-Chain Past with CatalystAMM

🎙 DeFi By Design EP 111: Understanding Liquid Staking Derivatives & Validators

🎙 DeFi By Design EP110: Onboarding The Next 10,000,000 Users w/Luca Netz

🎙 DeFi By Design EP109: One Click Rollup Deployment with Caldera

🎙 DeFi By Design EP108: MEV, Restaking, & Rollups with Matt Cutler From BlockNative

🎙DeFi by Design EP 107: How Celo Plans to Dominate the Rollup Wars

🎙DeFi by Design EP 106: Exploring the SportsFi Vertical

🎙DeFi by Design EP 105: Unleashing Hyperchains & zkRollups

🎙DeFi by Design EP 104: The Rise of ETH Liquid Staking w/ Daniel from Swell Network

ETHCC Convos: Abstracting Away DeFi Complexities To Make a 10x Better UX with Connext

ETHCC Convos: Mantle Mainnet Is LIVE! How To Take Advantage

🎙DeFi by Design EP103: Fintech Mega Goliath on Brand Trust and Consumer Behavior in Web3 w/ Worldpay Head of Growth

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 102: The Most Capital Efficient Leverage Layer in DeFi

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 101: How LayerZero Plans To Takeover The Digital World with Bryan Pellegrino

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 💯: The Ultimate Cross-Chain API w Philipp Zentner CEO of Li.Fi

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 99: Unpacking Cairo 1.0 and zkRollup Scaling

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 98: ZK Scalability, Nested Rollups, and Blockchain Architecture w Langrange

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 97: Why Braavos Wallet Will Surpass MetaMask in 2024

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 96: From Payments to Overthrowing the Government with BEN leader Erick Pinos

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 95: Blockchain Infrastructure at Scale w Connext Founder Arjun Bhuptani

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 94: How Lossless Is Creating A Safer DeFi Ecosystem for All Users

🎙DeFi by Design Episode 93: Mass Exodus of 2022: What’s next for DeFi & CeFi? w BitGo